Dance teams


2019-20 Dance Teams – By Audition Only:

  1. Revolution Team (approximate 12-14 yrs.) rehearsing Thursdays 4:00-5:30pm
  2. Dunamis Crew (approximate 8-12 years) rehearsing Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm
  3. Emerge Dance Company -  Age 14+
    -  Rehearsals are held on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm. (2 hours tuition equivalent)
    - Interested persons may inquire for more information

Open Auditions for the 2019-2020 Dance Teams will be held on Sat. August 24th, 2019.

Please bring the completed questionnaire with you to the auditions. Complete Form & print your audition questionnaire application for either Revolution or Dunamis or Emerge Dance Company.

Please : If possible it would be helpful for us if you could shoot us a text or email if you plan on being there to audition that day.
Please keep in mind that we believe even if you’re unsure or on the fence about doing Teams it’s a wonderful life experience to be a part of the audition process and of course you can still choose later whether or not you want to commit to be on the Team.

Audition Schedule:
2-4 PM - Revolution Team & Dunamis Crew & Emerge Dance Company

Please prepare a 1 min. solo and be ready to participate in the group combination.
A $20 audition fee is required per audition.

Miss Anna will be the Dunamis Crew & Revolution Team Coach
Miss Debbie will be the Emerge Dance Company Coach

Contact us for more info.

Dance opportunities teams have done in the past and may be included for this dance year:

  • The Lights of Christmas in Warm Beach, Washington
  • Belize, Central America – Dance Missions Outreach
  • Christian Dance Symposium
  • National Dance Week - Benefit Dance Concert
  • Reflections School of Dance, June Recital 
  • Dance Ad Deum Summer Dance Intensive in Houston, Texas
  • Project Dance – New York City or LA.
  • Word in Motion - Urban Dance Festival - LA, CA
  • JPC - Rock the Region - click here for poster
  • Mill Creek Festival
  • Westlake Mall – Downtown Seattle -
  • Other Special Performance Invitations (i.e. Churches, Malls, Festivals etc)

Donations gratefully accepted to help us carry out our mission.
Please make checks out to “Youth Unlimited ” which is our Non-Profit organization for the Dance Outreach. All contributions will receive a Tax Deductible receipt.

If interested please inquire about our Volunteer Community Service Program and our Assistant Dance Teacher Apprentice Program.

Emerge Dance Company (High School & College Young Adult) rehearsing Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm
Emerge is a professional and training group for intermediate/advanced dancers using styles and choreography carefully selected to reflect those characteristic to the Christian lifestyle. For approximate ages 14 - College. These students gain leadership training, performance opportunities, involvement in the creative choreographic process, and the option of taking part in Company trips & outreach.


Audition Application and Notice

Audition Notice '19 (pdf)


Benefit Procurement Form 2020 (pdf)


Donation Request Generic Letter 2020 (pdf)


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