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Creative Dance

 Fun and expressive movement for the 3 and early 4s. A 30 minute class that increases rhythm, coordination and movement awareness

Intro to Dance

 Age 2 and early 3s with Mommy or Daddy or Caretaker. A 30 minute class that enhances motor skills, creativity and musicality

Pre Dance

 Specifically for 4 and 5 year olds, dance class experience in a fun, yet structured atmosphere preparing dancers for ballet technique. Barre work and basic terminology included.  

Combo Classes

 25 minutes each of ballet, jazz or tap which offers the 5-6 year old student the opportunity to experience more than one dance form in a one hour class period. Prerequisite for this class is one year of Pre Dance. Black leotard and ballet pink tights. 

Toddler Tumble

Pre-Acro Training for Toddlers! Focusing on training strength, motor skills, and balance needed for Acro Jazz

Kids Fitness

Fun, Fit and Funky! This non-performing class will combine strength, flexibility, balance and dance into one hour of non-stop movement and send you home feeling great. Clean tennis shoes and breathable, movable clothing


Ballet, Pre Pointe and Pointe

All ballet classes are set according to student's age and previous training by the teacher. All ballet classes include stretching, barre work, and center combinations set for class level.

Someone has said that the foundation of dance is Ballet. To excel in Ballet we encourage adding more classes as the years go on in training.

Jr. Ballet Level 2/3 students are Strongly Encouraged to take class 2 times per week (this is a prerequisite for going on to Ballet 4).

Ballet 4 / Pre-Pointe students are required to take class twice a week but strongly recommended to take it 3 times. *

Ballet / Pointe students are required to take class 3 times a week (& Pre-Pointe students wishing to be considered for Pointe) *

* Teacher placement required for Pre-Pointe and Pointe.

Ballet Barre Fitness

Ballet Barre and Pilates Floor work to build strength and poise that gets you through your day. Bare feet and breathable, movable clothing.  

Hip Hop / Jazz

Technical Jazz Technique with a funky Hip Hop mix that keeps the dancer improving quickly and thinking on her feet. All music and choreography is current, tasteful, and age appropriate. 

Advanced Jazz Technique

Previous Jazz training and teacher placement required. Jazz choreography, turns, jumps and floor work for the intermediate/advanced dancer

Broadway Jazz

Your character shoe dreams come true in this musical theater style class. Great Jazz technique and flashy choreography practiced and performed in heels. Prerequisite for this class is Jazz 3. 2 inch heel tan character shoes, black jazz pants and black leotard. 

Musical Theater

This class is for the dancer who is interested in pursuing the "triple threat" in musical theatre- dancing, singing and acting. Dancers will learn choreography from a variety of musicals as well as learn basic acting and singing exercises that contribute to character development.  *No previous theatre experience required.   


Lyrical Jazz / Modern

Fluid expression, using gravity, pull, and natural movement. These classes are a fusion of Modern, Jazz and Ballet technique for the experienced dancer and the committed beginner. Bare feet. 

Acro Jazz

Because sometimes it’s just fun to be upside down!  Acro/Jazz is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic movements. Great skills for cheer, contemporary, circus and musical theater. Ballet, Jazz and Pilates are also recommended as Acro. is physically demanding. Black leotard and black jazz pants with t-shirt on top.

Contemporary Choreography

When participating in conventions, workshops, and especially auditions; dancers are expected to be able to learn, remember, and impressively execute choreography in a very short amount of time. It’s like “study-skills” for dancers. This is an extremely valuable class to offer our students, as a drop-in class for the community & also an opportunity to exercise the skills for the teachers with the students


Rhythmic, fun drumming with the feet! Tap 1 & 2 is an hour long class for beginners and Tap 2 & 3 is for all ages working at an intermediate level.

Highland Dance

Sstyle of competitive solo dancing developed in the Scottish Highlands in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the context of competitions at public events such as the Highland games


In this class students learn cheer routines, bumps, stunting, and self-confidence! Suitable for ages 6 through 18



This 60 minute Pilates mat class is aimed to help strengthen, stretch, and tone your whole being while gaining flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. In this class we focus on the six basic principles of Pilates: control, concentration, center, precision, breath, and flow.  

Adult Relaxation

Calm the body, mind and spirit with one hour of quiet music, stretching and affirmation. Bare feet and breathable, movable clothing. 

Dance Fitness

Moms can get their fitness groove on!  Dance Sneakers and comfortable, movable clothing. Incorporating elements from Pilates, dance exercise, and aerobics

Dance Inspiration

Be an integral part of the new choreography being birthed from Reflections School of Dance by participating in improvisation, storytelling and movement experimentation. Bare feet and comfortable, movable clothing.

Teams and Dance Company

By Audition Only:
A professional and training group for intermediate/advanced dancers using styles and choreography carefully selected to reflect those characteristic to the Christian lifestyle. For approximate ages 14 - College. These students gain leadership training, performance opportunities, involvement in the creative choreographic process and the option of taking part in the Company trip & Outreach.

For more information on our Dance Teams and how you can become involved, please visit our Teams page.


Class Placement:

To help you choose the right class for your child’s age and level, we suggest you refer to the ages printed on the schedule and your teacher’s recommendation. 

You will find that generally a student will stay in one particular level for an average of 2 years. (Pre-Dance age 4 & 5, Level 1 age 6 & 7, Level 2 age 8 & 9, Level 3 age 10 & 11, Level 4 age 12+) 

Intermediate / Advanced levels require teacher placement and prerequisite level dance experience. 

If you are not sure about your child’s placement, ask your teacher or email or call Miss Debbie. Some students should be able to advance to the next level and / or add more classes to increase in technique and performance. Advancing to higher levels of difficulty in dance is not like advancing grades in school. It may take 2, 3, or more years for a student to advance from one level to the next. There are guide-lines for uniformity of teaching, and specific advancement requirements. Recommendations may be made by the instructor when any student signs up for any classes at a higher level than those in which they are now enrolled. A student’s dedication, work ethic, and behavior in class... along with their adherence to dress codes & studio rules may also be taken into consideration. Multiple classes in various forms are encouraged to enhance training & achieve excellence.

Please Note: BALLET Continuum: “the Foundation of Dance” - Ballet is first encouraged then all other forms of Dance can build upon it. The old adage holds true – the more practice (classes) – the better you get. We understand that some take dance as a recreational activity but in order to be an accomplished strong dancer you need to come to class several hours a week. It generally takes years of strength training and technique guided by a professional to go on Pointe. Regarding Ballet there can be a few exceptions to the rule but generally:

Jr. Ballet Level 2/3 students are Strongly Encouraged to take class 2 times per week (this is a prerequisite for going on to Ballet 4).

Ballet 4 / Pre-Pointe students are required to take class twice a week but strongly recommended to take it 3 times. *

Ballet 5/ Pointe students are required to take class 3 times a week (& Pre-Pointe students wishing to be considered for Pointe) *

* Teacher placement required for Pre-Pointe and Pointe