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Miss Anna

Anna Taylor

 Originally from Lansdale, Pennsylvania Anna grew up as a gymnast alongside of her sister. After 6 years of gymnastics and a year off to play tennis, Anna found herself in a ballet class at 10 years old with girls who had been dancing since they were 2. From the first plie, she knew this would be a lifestyle. Her training began at Dance Studio Workshop, later known as New Horizons Dance Alliance under the direction of George C. Thomson. She continued her training there for four years, then went on to dance with Budzynski’s Studios of Ballet under the direction of Marilyn Budzynski along with other teachers such as Christine Jones, James Idhe, Heidi & Felicia Cruz, Tara Keating and Alexei Charov. Throughout her high school years, Anna was given the privilege to teach a variety of styles at both Budzynski’s Studios of Ballet, as well as at the Conservatory of Music and Dance.

During the summers, she was given the opportunity to go to many summer dance intensives including: Ballet Magnificat!, American Ballet Theatre’s Detroit campus, and Joffrey Ballet School.

In the fall of 2013, Anna went to study Dance Performance at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida. There she was under the wonderful direction of Eileen Hebron, Jin Young Li, Victor Trevino, Jacquie Lopez, Carlos de Barros, and Kathleen Klein. In the fall of 2014, she moved out to Washington to dance with Paradosi Ballet Company where she went through their trainee program and apprenticeship and served as a Company Artist. She was also taken on as a ballet, contemporary, and tap teacher at Surrendered School of Dance, while also working as the Satellite Campus Administrator.

Upon having quite a few injuries, she has been taking a break from dancing, and is very fortunate to have relocated to Reflections School of Dance as the Administrative Assistant, teacher, and coach. She has loved her time at Reflections, and cannot wait for even more fun times ahead!


For 2019-20 school year Miss Anna will be teaching:

  • Wednesday 4pm Ballet 1
  • Wednesday 5pm Lyrical 1&2
  • Wednesday 6pm Lyrical 3
  • Wednesday 7pm Jazz 4&5
  • Wednesday 8pm Pointe
  • Thursday 4pm Revolution Team
  • Thursday 7:30pm Dunamis Team
  • Friday 6:30pm Ballet Technique (once a month)
  • Friday 8pm Contemporary Choreograph (once a month)


Miss April

April Chesterfield

April Chesterfield (formerly Cunningham) has been dancing professionally in the Seattle area for over 10 years. She has performed with Cruz Control and Breaking point and recently choreographed a music video for a up and coming young talent, Justin Fehler.

April is thrilled to be the current Artistic Director for Sixthday Dance Company if looks forward to sharing her talent whenever possible.

She thanks God for every day she gets to listen, jump and take in all that He has created!


For 2019-20 school year Miss April will be teaching:

  • Monday 7 pm Modern
  • Monday 8 pm Hip- Hop 


Miss Caiti

Caiti Guerin

I have been dancing at Reflections School of Dance since the age of 3, and am excited to now be teaching at the studio!

I graduated from the University of Washington, with an Oceanography degree, in the Spring of 2018.

In my spare time I enjoy skiing, biking, and most recently scuba diving. 

I am so thankful for this opportunity and am so blessed that dancing is part of my life. 

Fun fact about our Miss Caiti: she is currently travelling around the world with her job!

  For 2019-20 school year Miss Caiti will be teaching: 

  • Friday Ballet 3, 4, 5 & Adult 6:30pm (once a month)
  • Friday Drop In Choreography 8:00pm (once a month)


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Miss Debbie

Debbie Wiens

 Artistic Director and Principal Dance Instructor - Founder and Owner of Reflections School of Dance Inc. 

Trained as a gymnast, Debbie found herself dancing with the Contemporary Dance Company of Ball State University in her college days. She spent the next 10 years training and performing with the Cambridge Theatre Dance School and training and touring from Cambridge Academy of Performing Arts which enabled numerous tours through Europe, Southeast Asia, Central America, The United States and Canada. Aside from dance performance her work experience included choreography for youth and children’s musical theater, jazz choir, church groups, television, touring artists in the genres of rock, pop and hip hop, and certification for aerobic dance instruction and choreography.

In 1997, Debbie founded her own dance training center for youth and adults (Reflections School of Dance). Over 20 years of Reflections School of Dance, she has continued to refine her skills in business and public relations while constantly updating choreographic experience by attending workshops and technique classes. Outside of Reflections School of Dance she might be spotted at Harbour Dance Center, Word in Motion Urban Dance Festival, Project Dance, Dance Teacher Web, Dance Studio Life Conferences or Dance Ad Deum Summer Intensive to name a few. Debbie received her Bachelor of Practical Ministry from the Wagner Leadership Institute. She is now a published author of 2 dance related books, an ordained minister through the Elijah Commission and the founding director of the Emerge Dance Company. 


 For 2019-20 school year Miss Debbie will be teaching:

  • Tuesday4pm Company & Teams Technique
  • Tuesday 5:30pm Pre Dance Plus
  • Tuesday 6:30pm Musical Theatre
  • Thursday 5:30pm Emerge Company
  • Friday 4pm Acro 

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Miss Desiree

Desiree Valdovinos

Presently pursuing her Master’s in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, Desiree began her ballet training at the tender age of 6 in Chehalis Washington at Southwest Washington Dance Center. There she studied ballet, modern, rhythmic gymnastics, hula, and jazz for 14 years performing in yearly productions of The Nutcracker  as well as Dance Festival and various jazz competitions throughout Washington state. From corp de ballet roles, to soloist she was promoted her senior year as principal, performing many of the expected roles such as Sugar Plum Fairy, Dew Drop, and Spanish Bull. It was here that her love and drive for ballet pushed her to audition for Anaheim Ballet’s Company where she performed with the Company as soloist in The Nutcracker, various school performances at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and visual medias such as Dancing in the City! at the Anaheim Grove,found on YouTube.

Apart from being a professional dancer, her drive and passion for the medical field motivated her to pursue her Bachelor's and resulted in the completion of a BS in Physiology at Seattle Pacific University.

After performing with City Opera Ballet of Bellevue, as well as contemporary companies such as The Black Floor Collective, Desiree  brings a wide array of knowledge and expertise from the classical ballet realm to the latin ballroom and salsa genres.

She is blessed and forever grateful to have been under the instruction of renowned masters such as Philip Beamish, Jehrin Alexandria, Vincenzo Lapertosa, the late Kabby Mitchell, and Lawrence Rosenburg.

Desiree’s love for the medical field and passion for dance drives her to make a long and lasting impact as a future physician with a specialty as a nutritionist, working specifically with ballerinas and professional athletes.

 For 2019-20 school year Miss Desiree will be teaching: 

  • Friday Ballet 3, 4, 5 & Adult 6:30pm (once a month)
  • Friday Drop In Choreography 8:00pm (once a month)


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Miss Elena

Elena Zellner


Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Elena attended The School for Creative and Performing Arts for nine years as a dance major. There, she studied under instructors Daryl Bjoza, Patricia Rozow, Meridith Benson, and Cynthia Riesterer, and performed in many classical ballets, as well as, contemporary and modern works. In 2008, she moved to Jackson, Mississippi to train with Ballet Magnificat under Cassandra and Jiri Voborsky, Sol Nazario, and Jennifer Tyndall. In her three years there, Elena had the opportunity to tour both in the States and abroad. Elena was invited to pioneer an international branch of Ballet Magnificat, sending her to live in Honduras, Central America to teach ballet and perform. In 2012, Elena headed west to dance with Paradosi Ballet Company in Tacoma where she has enjoyed touring nationally and internationally. Today, she is pursuing her education and going to school, while also sharing her love for dance through teaching.  


 For 2019-20 school year Miss Elena will be teaching: 

  • Friday Ballet 3, 4, 5 & Adult 6:30pm (once a month)
  • Friday Drop In Choreography 8:00pm (once a month)

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Miss Katie

Katie Armstrong

My name is Katie Armstrong, and I have danced at Reflections for the past four years. I have enjoyed being on the Revolution team, in the apprenticeship program, and on the Emerge Dance company. For the last three years I have gotten the privilege to help out in various classes, which I found very rewarding. 

I have learned so much at Reflections from my wonderful teachers, and look forward to passing that on to younger students. I have taken classes in ballet, pointe, lyrical, acrobatics, jazz, and hip hop, but my favorite style is contemporary. 

I have experience working with kids of all ages from being a camp counselor at the YMCA, and from being a camp counselor at Girl Scout camp for four summers. I also ran an after school homework program that I established for fourth graders.

Outside of dance, I spend my time baking, drawing, and hanging out with family and friends. I am also a senior at Jackson High School, where I enjoy art and English classes the most. I am very excited to begin teaching this year, and give all the thanks to God!

For the 19-20 School Year, Miss Katie will be teaching:

  • Monday 4pm Pre Dance
  • Monday 5pm Ballet 1
  • Monday 6pm Pre Dance

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Miss Ketaki

Ketaki Vaidya

-Bio coming soon!-


 For 2019-20 school year Miss Ketaki will be teaching: 

  • Saturday 8:45am Bollywood Dance

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Miss Kristin

Kristin Flores

 Kristin started dancing at age 5.  She has taken many forms including jazz, tap, ballet, modern, and gymnastics.  She was also a member of her middle school and high school dance teams.  In 2005, she made a return to dance here at Reflections.  Since that time, she has been a dancer, company member, dance parent and teacher.  One of the most important things she has learned here is that dance can be used to glorify, celebrate and teach about God.  She is very excited to return to teaching dance.  

Teaching has always been an important part of her life.  After college, she spent 9 years teaching math and science at the high school level.  Since then, she has had the honor and privilege of teaching her children on an every day basis and helping in their classrooms.  She also loves spending time with her family, reading, and watching sports--especially when her kids are playing.   


For 2019-20 school year Miss Kristin will be teaching:

  • Thursday 9:30 am Intro to Dance
  • Thursday 10am Creative Dance
  • Thursday 10:30am Pre Dance

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Mr. Marco

Marco Carrabba

 Mr. Marco has been teaching an annual Ballet Master class for us every February since about 2009 but now we have the distinguished privilege having him on our faculty teaching every week.

“It is truly a privilege to be taught by Marco” 

Marco has achieved an extraordinary level of inspiration and creativity due to his many styles of dance training and
international exposure in the art of dance and theater. His experience has shaped his unique style of dance techniques 
and innovative choreography. His multitude of talent and achievements have allowed him the resume’ that sets him apart
from the rest. His excellence shows in the many students he has taught and continues to teach through his classes, and choreography.

Teaching Philosophy 

My career achievements have brought me to a level of extraordinary inspiration and creativity due to the many styles of ballet training and international performance exposure alongside notable world-renowned dancers, artistic directors and choreographers from the 20th century with whom, I have received the privilege of direct influence that has shaped my unique teaching ethic and choreography style as a “specialist in the art of ballet“.

My teaching philosophy not only teaches the art of dance but opens hearts and minds and brings joy to life through proper training and participation in the overall creative process.

I see talent in all students; my training expertise encourages students to find their personal best through
teaching focused on building confidence and proper technique that considers the dancers level and encourages
learning through positive reinforcement. Another important and major focus area is building endurance and
cardiovascular conditioning throughout the progression of class training, which is critical for necessary stamina
to perform on stage at the student’s highest level with ease, as well as for overall health. Endurance partnered
with proper muscle warm-up and strength building gives the student the facility to excel at their optimum level,
which in turn they will be personally rewarded with achievement through their dedication to learning.

My responsibility as a teacher includes; personal attention to each student’s ability and level of training which is
key to their improvement, which also ensures excelling to the next level. My focus on the student’s progress
builds discipline and confidence that lasts a lifetime.

My choreography method incorporates all levels of dancers which results in inspired students and enrichment
for the advanced dancers as the art is passed along through generations. I personally cast roles for developing
dancers and performers that fit their personality and ability, as well as challenge their talent so they can measure 
their own personal improvement.

Key philosophies;

Use of the arts disciplines to develop life skills i.e.: creative and critical thinking
Strive to engage opportunities for professional development
Successfully develop the skills necessary to acquire employment in dance or theater arts
Successfully develop the physical skills students need to transfer to other educational and 
sports opportunities
My success depends on how effectively I meet the needs of my students – I place a high value on 
my students by keeping an open mind, listening to them
I believe we can best accomplish our mission when not only the process of student learning is a major 
focus but also personal learning by the teacher is ongoing
My mission and vision are driven by the students through expectations which form a partnership of
refinement of goals and direction that support your mission.

“ I take pride when I can see the technical achievement and commitment shine through the individual’s 
personality and character, and know we are on the road to creating a true dancer who will touch lives
and imprint the “ art of dance “ on future generations. “
- Marco Carrabba

Summary of training and special invitations

Ballet, Modern, Choreography

Locally by dance legend Dorothy Fisher - Ballet technique
Joffrey School – Traditional American technique – trained by Robert Joffrey
North Carolina School of the Arts – trained by teachers of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo – French, Italian technique
New York’s School of American Ballet – trained by the great Stanley Williams – Bournonville technique
and Balanchine technique – creator of 20th century neo classical style
Stuttgart Ballet – trained by teachers from the Royal Ballet and East Germany - Russian ballet technique
Directed by the famous Glen Tetley
Hamburg Ballet – trained by choreographer John Neumeier – Modern Ballet techinique
Dutch National’ Ballet – trained by choreographers Rudi van Dantzig, Hans van Manen, Toer van Schayk
Classical and Contemporary Ballet technique
Pacific Northwest Ballet – Neo Classic Style Balanchine technique
San Francisco Ballet – Classical and Contemporary Ballet technique under the direction of 
Michael Smuin and Ballets by Lou Christensen – student of Balanchine 
Boston Ballet - Classical and Contemporary Ballet

Musical Theater, Performing Arts

Kentucky Opera – performed My Fair Lady
Minnesota Opera – performed Carousel
5th Avenue Theatre Seattle – performed Brigadoon, West Side Story, and Kismet
San Francisco Ballet’s production of “ Jinx “ performance filmed by KQED television –
choreographed by Lew Christensen

Special invitations:

School of American Ballet – Graduation Performance with Ballerina Leslie Brown “ Turning Point “
Stuttgart Ballet – performed for and was presented to Queen Elizabeth per her request
Dutch National Ballet – trained and toured with the famous Rudolph Nureyev
Dutch National Ballet – performed and partnered with Ballerina Alexandra Radius, 
Nureyev’s most requested ballet partner
Hamburg Opera House – inspired by a special meeting during rehearsal with Luciano Pavarotti
San Francisco Ballet – partnered and performed with Ballerina Joanna Berman, and Evelyn Cisneros
Pacific Northwest Ballet – performed West Coast tour with Mikhail Baryshnikov 


For 2019-20 school year Mr. Marco will be teaching:

  • Tuesday 5pm Ballet 3
  • Tuesday 6pm Ballet 4
  • Tuesday 7:30pm Ballet 5
  • Thursday 5pm Ballet 3
  • Thursday 6pm Ballet 4
  • Thursday 7:30pm Ballet 5

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Miss Megan

Megan Becker


Megan Becker has been dancing and teaching professionally for the past 10 years. She trained with the Hartford Ballet School, Ballet West, Alvin Ailey, Fresno Ballet, and Richmond Ballet to name a few. She was a company member of Spokane Ballet and is currently dancing with Katy Hagelin Dance Project. She’s choreographed and taught at highly respected institutions like Seattle Pacific University, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Shoreline Community College, Taproot Theater, Gonzaga University, the Russian Classical Ballet School, Spokane Civic Theater, and the School of Acrobatics and New Circus. For three years she ran Drybones Artist Collective, an organization that used the arts to explore social justice issues and contribute to other organizations making a difference in the city of Seattle. Drybones received numerous grants from the City of Seattle to support its productions. She also does theater and musical theater professionally. She’s trained and has performed professionally in all styles of dance, but her first love contemporary and jazz. 

 For 2019-20 school year Miss Megan will be teaching: 

  • Friday Ballet 3, 4, 5 & Adult 6:30pm (once a month)
  • Friday Drop In Choreography 8:00pm (once a month)

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Miss Olivia

Olivia Edwards

Olivia Edwards started attending dance classes at Reflections School of Dance in 2002 at the age of 3; she continued dancing with the studio up until high school graduation in 2016. From 2016-2017, she was a part of Reflection School of Dance’s Re-Merge Dance Project. At age 15 she started working for the Shoreline Parks Department, instructing their children's martial arts program, where her passion for teaching first started.

She has been able to experience how dance can be a form of worship through dance & choreography. She looks forward to what God has in store for her as a teacher at Reflections School of Dance.

Olivia is thankful for all that Reflections School of Dance has taught her, both with technique training, and how we dance to give God glory and praise.

For 2019-20 school year Miss Olivia will be teaching:

  • Wednesday 4pm Creative Dance
  • Wednesday 4:30pm Ballet 2
  • Wednesday 5:30pm Pre Dance
  • Thursday 4pm Ballet 2
  • Saturday 9:30am Creative Dance
  • Saturday 10am Pre Dance
  • Saturday 11am Ballet 1&2
  • Saturday 12pm Jazz / Hip Hop 1&2

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Miss Sarah

Sarah Matson


I began dancing at age 3 here at Reflections and was a gymnast for most of my elementary and middle school years, I was on the cheer team in high school and graduated early while obtaining my associates degree at the same time. I then got my BA in business and I have recently just gotten back from doing a year of missions in Tecate, Mexico. It was there in Mexico where I learned to use dance as an instrument of worship and intercession and a “go-to” for expression unto the Lord. Dance has always been a part of me and I’m so grateful for this opportunity to teach, motivate, and help foster a love for dance in the lives of little ones here at the studio! 


For 2019-20 school year Miss Sarah will be teaching:

  • Wednesday 10am Pre-Dance
  • Saturday 9:45am Pre Dance
  • Saturday 10:45am Intro to Dance
  • Saturday 11:15am Pre Dance
  • Saturday 12:15pm Creative Dance

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Miss Savannah

Savannah Fabroa


Savannah's history with dance starts long before she was born. Her aunt convinced her dad to take tap and eventually teach at Barclay Shelton Dance Center. Her parents then met in her dads tap class. She grew up dancing with her parents, cousins, aunt and uncle, and for a short time her brother. Her dance training landed her a performance role at Disney World.

She is very grateful for this opportunity and looks forward to sharing her love and passion for dance. 

For 2019-20 school year Miss Savannah will be teaching:

  • Friday 4:30-5:30pm Tap 1
  • Friday 5:30-6:30pm Tap 2&3

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Miss Zoe

Zoe Wiens

Growing up in the dance studio, Zoe has spent the first 16 years of her life learning and growing as a dancer.

She has danced in all forms of dance including Ballet Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Acro and Cheer. Zoe has danced on teams through Reflections School of Dance including Sparkettes, Dunamis, Revolution, and Emerge Dance Company. She was also named a Captain in Glacier Peak High School’s competitive hip hop team where she was for 2 years. This past year she was on the Glacier Peak High School's Cheer Team. Zoe is a high school senior this year, and will be heading off to college in the year 2020-21.

Zoe has also been trained in Dance Conventions at Project Dance LA, CA., Orlando, Detroit and New York City as well as at Word in Motion Los Angeles, CA several times and Vancouver, BC, Canada. She has also taught classes before in Uganda, Africa and back at home filling in at Reflections.

She has assisted many classes throughout the last couple of years and has learned skills from her mother, Debbie Wiens. She had her first full year of teaching this past year, teaching Pre Dance, Creative Dance, Hip Hop levels 1 & 2, Ballet 1, and Cheer. She is really looking forward to what her senior year holds!

For the 2019-20 school year Miss Zoe will be teaching:

  • Monday 5:30pm Kids Hip Hop 1
  • Monday 6:30pm Hip Hop 2
  • Monday 7:30pm Hip Hop 3

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