Loyalty Discount: Loyalty discounts are applied after the student has completed 3 full & consecutive years with Reflections. At the start of the 4th year, the student & their family may receive 5% off total tuition. After 7+ consecutive years, beginning their 8th year, the student & their family may receive 10% off total tuition!

Ministry & Military Discount: Families in a full time church position may receive a 10% ministry discount, and families in active military service may receive a 10% military discount.

Referral Discount: $10 off your account if your name is mentioned on a new students Reg form as a Thank-you! (Many students come to us by “word of mouth.”)

Private Classes: $25 (for our students) per half hour, $35 (not our students) per half hour - add $5 for every extra student.

Work / Service - Trade Scholarship Option: We have a limited amount of positions available of this option usually geared for those that a gifted at dance and can not afford financially to take more classes. Please inquire for further details.

Tuition Rates & Discounts Details:

  1. First trial class can be FREE for new students - if you tell us you saw it here or one of our coupons. We want you to check us out and compare us to other studios because we know you’ll be very pleased with what we have to offer.
  2. Our tuition is competitively priced. We are able to offer such high quality classes at reasonable rates - We have one of the lower prices in the County area - especially with our discounts.
  3. Multiple Class & Family Discounts: We are family focused and driven so we reflect that in every way including our tuition rates. Whether you takes extra classes as an individual or as a family we recognize very simply if you truly want to advance in Dance the more classes you take the better you get like any discipline. We want excellent dancers so to encourage that we offer bigger discounts the more classes you take. The family rate applies for immediate biological family residing in the same household. The half hour classes cannot be combined for a discount and are simply added onto the total.
  4. Unlimited Classes: for Individual or for a whole Family. This is a great way to take advantage of as many classes as you want. Our rate is actually about $100 less than some studios.
  5. Loyalty Discount: We want to reward our clients that have come here exclusively over several years. I’m not sure we’ve seen this offered anywhere else. What can we say – we love our students! The Loyalty discounts are for 3 & 7 FULL CONSECUTIVE Years (10 months ea.) of class taken here.
  6. Referral Discount: Over the years we haven't done much advertising. If a customer likes what they have they will automatically want to tell their friends. Our main promotion has always been word of mouth. As a small way of saying "thank you" to our clients, we give them this small reward every time they refer new student over here. In the past we’ve also given away a couple full months tuition for free to those outstanding referrals.
  7. Performance Team Discount: If you're on one of our Performance Teams you get 10% off your tuition.
  8. Ministry Discount: If you or your family is in full-time church / mission ministry you may receive 10% off your tuition.
  9. Military Discount: Families in active military service may receive 10% off your tuition.