Mission Possible Successfully Accomplished Report
Belize, Central America
March 31 – April 9, 2006
Reflections School Of Dance / Cerulean Dance Company

We would highly recommend this as a dance ministry/missions trip to anyone!!!
The Yeagers are awesome people and have an awesome ministry!

The Belize Missions Trip was totally Awesome! One of the best mission trips we've ever been on! It was a total success and we felt that we accomplished and completed all that we had to do! We had no sickness, no problems and no team /mission/communication issues - which is almost unheard of. We had an awesome team that got along together great. We worked hard, got lots done and came home good & tired. It felt great giving away our time, talents and sharing with others (less fortunate than us) the gift of Dance.

Probably the #1 reason we were there was to be a refreshing encouragement to the "Yeager" family there. They've been there for 11 years (which is long term - as most missionaries only last about a year). They've lately gone through hard times as well as personal family challenging issues. They are the Pastors of "Genesis Church" and Directors of Dramatic Force International ( www.dramaticforce.org ) and Dance Studio. They are truly awesome people. They were in tears on the last Sunday service and saying that "We Were the Best Missions Team - and the most affirming and most productive Team that they've ever had!"

I'll also list the other main things we did was: Teaching the entire week of Dance classes in their Dance Studio, Workshops for the Teachers, Dance Company Rehearsals, Dance Performances at Church, school assemblies, University open house day and a school Talent show. The Dances were so powerful! We were also able to give away lots of Dance wear that was donated! (They say...Thanks to you!)

We did some other practical helps around the studio but the big project there was to paint the entire church / studio building outside. It got super hot and it dried within minutes. We also served at a Children's Home for the sexually abused (minutes before we pulled up 1 girl was told her brother was murdered so we took time with her). We were also able to be at the Youth With A Mission Base where Debbie had worked in 1985 and me as well that same year!


We had good accommodations and good food. (There is no such thing as Fast food!). We also enjoyed early morning fresh fruit (i.e. Papaya) from the market. The weather was nice, sunny and warm. Later on in the week it got extremely hot & humid (100F) and we dripped in sweat as we worked. We were able to see lots of places in the Country as we traveled about. We toured the ancient Mayan Indian ruins. We also had a day off and went to a gorgeous beach resort. I enjoyed the snorkeling.

There are many other stories and thoughts - you can ask us about. We also took some beautiful photos (I actually took over 500 pictures & DVD video!) You can take a look at our Gallery “Belize” Photo Album.

Maybe next time we go - you will want to come with us!!

This mission would not have been possible without you!
Thank-you for praying, giving, sending and your encouragement!

LEN WIENS (On behalf of the Team)

Jane Greisen, Debbie Wiens, Len Wiens, Bethany Carlson, Elsie Snow, Bethany Schell


By Bethany Carlson

The First Day

Ok I am not really sure where to start, the trip was so amazing, and it is just hard to find the right way to explain. But I guess the best way to tell a story is to start at the beginning. [Read more of Bethany's story.]