June 2016

Greetings, Former & Current Students & Friends of
Reflections School of Dance!
We would like to include you in our update & upcoming events here at Reflections!

Summer Dance Program!


Our annual summer dance program is now open for registration! Click here for the schedule!  Check out all of the discounts, and consider registering online! Available for Drop-Ins, 1 or 2 months.

We would like to invite you to join us for our
2016 Dance Recital 
"Colors: All God's Promises"


2016 - 2017 Class Schedule is online!

Thanks to the new expanded space, many classes have been added for the Fall 2016 schedule. View the schedule here and fill out your online registration here!


Half Price Book Special Discount!


Miss Debbie's latest book is available for purchase here! Great summer reading!
Book Special Discount: 
Please note - If you are willing to write up a review on Amazon.com for us we will sell the book for 1/2 price (50% off) $7.50. You can send us a note and use our PayPal here under #3 as a general payment!
Having been involved in the world of gymnastics and dance since the age of 7, Debbie is aware that dance instruction is best taught in a practical setting, but this book sets a whole new stage for training. “Life in the Studio” is a whimsical look at the life of a dance studio owner and director. Studio life is not exactly a rose garden but it is certainly never boring!
Dancers and non-dancers alike can chuckle, be encouraged and learn by reading the memoirs of this slightly tilted lady!
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Check out these links to other updates from Reflections!

  • Check out these edited videos from our April 23rd Benefit Performance. Our Benefit was a great success in raising funds for two charities that fight against human trafficking - Heart LifeLine and Rock Against Trafficking! See Pictures and more on the event page here 
  • Browse through photos from our 2015-16 school year here.
  • Click Here to see the Recital 2015 “Mary Poppins - Remix” Video Montage.
  • You Tube channel page with all our Videos and many more added all the time! We have about 760 uploads, 1,855 subscribers and 770,000 views! Try to find yourself or someone you know.
  • Our Contemporary Choreography Class has been going strong this year. Check out videos here (and join us next fall!)
  • Follow us on Instagram!
  • View our professional photography here & montage video here to get an idea of what's to come at this year's recital!
  • Brand new classes (& teachers) are scheduled for 2016. Click here to read their descriptions. 
  • Always feel free to call, email or on Facebook etc contact us to give us updates on how you & your family are doing.
  • See our Web SiteFacebook Event Pages, or our Calendar for more info.
  • View our latest amazing & lovely photo gallery and video gallery on our webpage.
  • Just a quick note to former students looking to return to dance this summer or September. We are so excited about the explosion of energy & excellence that has hit the dance floor here at Reflections School of Dance as of late. Check out our new dance teachers here! Please feel more than welcome to drop in and take a free trial class in September to see for yourself what all the talk is about! We would strongly encourage you to register early to get your fist choice placement for the new year. Click here for new teachers schedule and brochureLater click here to see current class status availability. You can register online here! If you have any questions always feel free to call or text us anytime @ 425-338-9056.
  • www.facebook.com/ReflectionsSchoolofDance - is our page where we post the most regular updates for all to see. Click "like" to see our regular updates (you don't have to be on Facebook to see it). We also have thousands of great pictures & videos. You just might find yourself or someone you know. Feel free to like, share and tag yourself or others.
  • See our collection of almost 150 random internet dance videos here:https://www.facebook.com/ReflectionsSchoolofDance/posts/10152570546064141
  • Thank-you for taking the time to read this email update. For doing that we've thrown in a little fun surprise. This time the 10th person to reply this email back to us wins a choice of 1 of any DVD of years past (that we have on file) OR any 2 free photos from our Facebook (non professional) - high res emailed to you OR Miss Debbie's book “Life in the Studio”. (We'll reply if you're the winner & announce it on our Facebook). 

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