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Life in the Studio and Other Funny Things That Happen to Me, is Debbie's second book. The spiritual journey of, The Courageous Whisper, was a children’s book she wrote for her dancers in 2008.

Having been involved in the world of gymnastics and dance since the age of 7, Debbie is aware that dance instruction is best taught in a practical setting, but this book sets a whole new stage for training.  “Life in the Studio” is a whimsical look at the life of a dance studio owner and director. It is an attempt to encourage aspiring teachers and dance ministry leaders. Studio life is not exactly a rose garden but it is certainly never boring! If your dream is to someday teach dance or even own your own studio, your dream may very well come true. But….Ya know how, many times dreams have these sideways, illogical, unexplainable, parts? Read on.  

Dancers and non-dancers alike can chuckle and learn by reading the memoirs of this slightly tilted lady!

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"While reading Life in the Studio I felt as though I was sitting with Debbie in a cozy coffee shop sharing similar life experiences and stories. I laughed! I cried! And, I smiled at the notion of something fresh to read on the topic of dance, ministry and the life of an artist. I appreciate how relatable and transparent Debbie is throughout the book and am thankful for all of the hidden tips that ultimately lead to success for those of us called to dance."
-Cheryl Cutlip, Founding Director, The Project Dance Foundation and NYC Radio City Rockette

"Debbie has tapped into a real God-given gift. Her words are simple yet wise, and speak to the heart of the believer artist. Be prepared to be encouraged!"

- Steve Rooks - Professor and Chair of Dance, Vassar College NY,  guest instructor & dancer with Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham.

"A solid, practical and accessible look into getting dance going in the Christian community at the local level.  You WILL be encouraged !!"
Rev. Dr. Byron Spradlin,
President - Artists in Christian Testimony Intl  ... A ministry & missions sending board .... We exist to Mobilize & Equip artistic  and innovative ministers and missionaries for Christian work around the world ...
Senior Associate for the ARTS - The Lausanne Movement  ... A collaboration of Christian Leaders worldwide for World Evangelization ...
Chair, School of Worship, Imagination & the Arts - Williamson College, Franklin, TN

"Debbie Wiens wrote her latest book: Life in the Studio And Other Funny Things That Happen To Me, and she lets the reader into her worldview as a Christian dancer and studio owner. Her story helps the reader to reflect on themselves as a human being made in God’s image. And it challenges use to think about: how are we supposed to live?

Well, Debbie shows that she has accepted dance as one of her many modes of expression. Dance is the background about her reflections on the people she encounters and the growing experiences she and the people she works with have. Debbie is a child of God, she hears God speak to her in many different ways, and she attempts to follow obediently. This book gives some insights on how to start to run a dance studio, but also shows how to integrate a life of faith with the journey you are currently asked to live out.

“There’s never a dull moment at Reflections School of Dance” (p. 76), and the stories and insights Debbie gives is a delightful light read, you will enjoy picking up this book so you can laugh along with Debbie and reflect on her life at the Reflections School of Dance."
May the Spirit Lead you in the Dance,

Neil Gilligan
Professional Dance Instructor, Author, Actor, Minister

Neil has also authored three books:
Transformed by the Power of God: Learning to be Clothed in Jesus Christ
Wake Up! Preparing for the End-Times Outpouring
Surprisingly Supernatural: A Practical Guide to Releasing the Gifts of the Spirit



About The Author:
Debbie Wiens lives near Seattle, Washington with her husband, Len and her two children and a guesstimate of 2.5 million cute little dancers in leotards excitedly running back and forth to dance class every day. Her commute to work is approximately two and a half seconds on foot once she leaves her office door.

Besides writing funny things down on paper, Debbie likes to cook without a recipe, walk around aimlessly, observe people in airports, read biographies, make art cards and teach dance. 
A former gymnast and modern dancer, Debbie is the founder and artistic director of Reflections School of Dance.  After spending almost 10 years in Youth With A Mission, with a focus on youth ministry and performing arts, she went on to  gain the valuable experience of working in several dance schools before establishing her own training center for young  dancers in 1997.
As much as she cherishes her college and ministry training, Debbie feels her most valuable training has come from the school of hard knocks. She is most grateful to all the parents and students who have crossed her path in the duration of running the dance school as wisdom is gained in experience. 

See Miss Debbie's Dance Bio here.

- 200 pages. Paperback edition. Books are also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other local retailers. eBook versions through Amazon.com-Kindle, Barnes & Noble - Nook, Google eBooks.

Announcing Debbie’s new book “Life in the Studio”. Have you ever wondered and been interested what the philosophy is behind so much of what drives Debbie and Reflections School of Dance. Read about it here. You’ll be entertained by the funny stories and learn much by gaining wisdom, insight and understanding in this hands on mentoring approach for interested and likeminded people. If you've ever met, know or have heard of Debbie you'll want to get her book. For those that haven't had the privilege to know Debbie, you'll definitely want to get this book and hear of all her stories. We've published this in time to make a great Christmas gift. You can of course purchase signed copies directly through us using the order form below. You can send us the form and payment or you can email us your order and use our Paypal for payment. Click link at the top to use the PayPal link at the top of this page:

Sample Excerpt:

Life in the Studio by Debbie Wiens

A whimsical look at the life of a dance studio director in an attempt to encourage and mentor aspiring teachers and dance ministry leaders.

In brainstorming my title, I considered numerous possibilities before settling on this one. However I have listed the discarded ones below for your convenient perusal. Like movies with alternate endings, you are welcome rename my book with my alternate titles if the one I chose just doesn't do it for you. Take a sticky office label and a Use Your Brain and sharpie, copy the title from one of the 5 choices below, then stick that label on the cover of your own personal book. I know people just love choices, so choose your favorite title and choose to be happy, as you read on.      

1. Don't Be Such An Idiot: Use Your Brain.
2. When God Was Handing Out Brains, The Artists Got Them Too.
3. When I Opened This Dance Studio, I Never Dreamed...
4. So, Ya Wanna Teach Dance? Everything You Should Know Before Moving Ahead. 
5.  You Think You Want To Teach Dance? Maybe You Should Think Again.


Chapter Titles:

  1. A Personal Testimony.
  2. So You're An Artist. Work With It.
  3. Joy Equals Energy.
  4. Real Life Is Funnier Than Fiction In The Studio
  5. Life In Dance Class.
  6. Life In The office.
  7. Choreography With Integrity.
  8. Make Your Mark.
  9. Excellence Is Costly.
  10. Whatever Shall I Wear?
  11. Keeping Your Inspiration Fresh.
  12. In Conclusion.



In the process of this book project I would like to thank the “characters” who have come along my path to inspire my stories.
I want to thank Samantha and Madison for telling me to write a book.
Thank you to my sister Alane for the tedious labor of proofing what spellcheck cannot see because it does not have eyes.
Thank you to Candice of Paradise Creek Books for initially reading my manuscript and encouraging me to keep going.
Thank you to our administrative assistant Tricia Cunningham for the book design cover.
(The cover photo is taken from one of our Dance Performance shows and depicts Debbie leaping with a book, over her daughter Zoe on stage. The Post-It Notes represent Debbie's constant use of them to keep her "Life in the Studio" organized in the midst of chaos.)
Thank you to my family for the support and permission to launch this fun endeavor. I’m blessed to know you all.


Debbie's second book. The spiritual journey allegory of, The Courageous Whisper, was a children’s book she wrote for her dancers in 2008. A beloved story that all dancers and non dancers alike will love & cherish.
Only about 5 copies left in print! This book is also available as a pdf download. See order form. or order at the top of the page with the PayPal links.

 For those who dream and persevere….

The story of a young woman with a courageous whisper in her heart that leads her on a journey to reach the royal destiny that God has designed for each and every one of us who will believe and press forward. “The Courageous Whisper” is a whimsical tale of a girl named Lisette who leaves the familiar simple life, encountering whacky people and obstacles along the way. Eventually, she does discover the place that her Grandfather had promised her was real. All successful people must learn to work hard, overcome adversity, and never quit in order to accomplish the dream (or treasure) that God placed deep inside them.

Courageous Whisper


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Debbie says, " When pushing 50, it's nice to still get off the ground".

When pushing 50, it's nice to still get off the ground

Debbie & Len, Madison, Zoe c.2009 - enjoying family time on a ferry near home off the Pacific Northwest coast.
Wiens Family Ferry Rappers

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