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  • Classes require a minimum of 7 students. Classes and times are subject to change.
  • Ages are approximate and depend upon experience and level ability.
  • Age minimum for classes should be student's age by September 1st of that year.
  • We have found that generally a student will stay in one particular level for an average of 2 years.
  • Early Registration on a 1st come basis will guarantee placement and as classes fill up we will be adding names to a waiting list for when space opens, more classes are added or you are recommended to another class.
  • Ballet is the foundation of Dance. Multiple classes in various forms are encouraged for individuals to enhance training and achieve excellence.
  • Performance Teams have additional technique class requirements.
  • Ask about Private Classes & Birthday Parties.
  • Email or call if you have any other questions.

Class Placement:

To help you choose the right class for your child’s age and level, we suggest you refer to the ages printed on the schedule and your teacher’s recommendation. You will find that generally a student will stay in one particular level for an average of 2 years. (Pre-Dance age 4 & 5, Level 1 age 6 & 7, Level 2 age 8 & 9, Level 3 age 10 & 11, Level 4 age 12+)  

Intermediate / Advanced levels require teacher placement and prerequistite level dance experience.

If you are not sure about your child’s placement, ask your teacher or email or call Miss Debbie. Some students should be able to advance to the next level and / or add more classes to increase in technique and performance. Advancing to higher levels of difficulty in dance is not like advancing grades in school. It may take 2, 3, or more years for a student to advance from one level to the next. There are guide-lines for uniformity of teaching, and specific advancement requirements. Recommendations may be made by the instructor when any student signs up for any classes at a higher level than those in which they are now enrolled. A student’s dedication, work ethic, and behavior in class... along with their adherence to dress codes & studio rules may also be taken into consideration. Multiple classes in various forms are encouraged to enhance training & achieve excellence.

Please Note: BALLET Continuum: “the Foundation of Dance” - Ballet is first encouraged then all other forms of Dance can build upon it. The old adage holds true – the more practice (classes) – the better you get. We understand that some take dance as a recreational activity but in order to be an accomplished strong dancer you need to come to class several hours a week. It generally takes years of strength training and technique guided by a professional to go on Pointe. Regarding Ballet there can be a few exceptions to the rule but generally:

  • Jr. Ballet Level 2/3 students are Strongly Encouraged to take class 2 times per week (this is a prerequisite for going on to Ballet 4).
  • Ballet 4 / Pre-Pointe students are required to take class twice a week but strongly recommended to take it 3 times. *
  • Ballet 5/ Pointe students are required to take class 3 times a week (& Pre-Pointe students wishing to be considered for Pointe) *

* Teacher placement required for Pre-Pointe and Pointe