What We Offer at Reflections School of Dance

  • Family friendly values in a a safe, fun, loving, and caring environment .
  • Tasteful and age appropriate music and costumes.
  • Awesome professional performances that you've just got to see!
  • A personal and professional family home business.
  • Affordable classes with competitive tuition rates and great discounts
  • A non-profit extension arm of our studio through “Emerge Dance Company.”
  • Professional classes, teachers, studio, and performances.
  • Strong values.
  • We work to help you feel comfortable, make it easy, keep you informed, and make your experience here pleasant and rewarding.
  • We have a clean, safe, professional studio floor to dance on.
  • Our highly qualified faculty has a great history of teaching proper technique and working well with teaching students.
  • We have a very personable and accessible teaching staff and office administration.
  • If interested please inquire about our Volunteer Community Service Program and our Assistant Dance Teacher Apprentice Program.

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Many of our Students find it convenient to come from the immediate Mill Creek & Falls / Gold Creek / Silver Firs area but some come as far as Marysville and Seattle. Many enjoy the friendly and personal approach. Miss Debbie and the other teachers teaching styles use disciplined technique yet with no overly intense competitiveness.

Why Choose Reflections?

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing your new dance school. Here are some questions to ask about the schools you are considering.

What type of flooring are the students dancing on?

Dancing can be a very physical activity, and quite often involves jumping and contact between the dancers' bodies and the floor. Floors that are not sprung will not absorb any shock, and thus can result in more injuries. At Reflections, both of our studios are equipped with special sub floor pads underneath their flooring, making them shock absorbent and healthy for our dancers' feet and bodies. Studio A has a bamboo real hardwood floor and Studio B has 2 layers of 1/2" quality grade plywood and then a dance vinyl (Marley).

What are the class sizes?

Dance classes with too many students make it difficult for a child to receive personal attention. At Reflections the class size averages around 8 for the younger students, and averages around 12 for the older students. We always take into consideration the experience level of the teacher, the chemistry and make up of the class, if there will be a teacher's assistant, and the age level of the students when determining the maximum number of students to accept into a class. Our class sizes allow for students to have the optimal learning environment.

What is the year end show like and what extras are required?

Most dance studios put on an end of the year dance recital. These shows can be very large and potentially hectic. Some studios require parents of their dancers to acquire their own costumes, which can be frustrating or inconvenient for parents. At Reflections, our year-end recital is beautiful, professional, and organized. Costumes are provided for the students for a set price and delivered to the students in class leaving no work to the parents.

Will I receive immediate, quality assistance and customer service?

In many studios, teachers may double as administrative staff, leaving few people available to provide assistance to customers. Here at Reflections, our office staff are responsive and professional, and always available by phone or email to answer whatever questions our students and their families might have.