Over the years we don’t do a lot of advertising. If a customer likes what they have they will automatically want to tell their friends. Our main promotion has always been word of mouth.
Many enjoy the friendly and personal approach.

Miss Debbie and the other teachers' teaching styles use disciplined technique yet with no overly intense competitiveness.
Many of our clients and families are so impressed by not only our classes, but they also rave about our amazing performances we’ve put on through the years.

“We love this dance studio! Family owned and operated, warm and encouraging environment. You can tell the owners absolutely love what they do and give 100%. Our daughter enjoys music and dance, and has been coming out of her shell since starting classes this year. Thank you, Miss Debbie!” T.M. 2015

“Reflections is a wonderful place to learn to dance and is the only place I would send my daughter to. She absolutely loves dancing here and the many different class options that are available.” B.D. 2015

“Love this school. My now 4 year old started ballet with Miss Leah this year. She loves going every week and just started the summer session today in the next class up. This school is 10 stars, I am so glad we found it. Maddie has made new friends and it is the best place we could have chosen for her. We will be going here for years to come.” K.H. 2015

“I was a ballet, lyrical, and jazz dance student here in middle and high school. I loved dancing to Christian music and felt like classes helped me grow stronger as a dancer and in faith. Being here was such a positive experience!” S.D.M. 2015

“I love the dance class I'm taking, it's so fun and energizing!” H.F. – Adult Fitness Class 2015

“I love Reflections School of Dance because of their desire to honor God in their dance, worship, and even in their modest costumes. Their teachers are great and challenge my daughter to excel. My daughter has also had many opportunities to improve her skills by being on team. The variety of classes makes it hard to choose just one!” M.M. 2014

“My son takes tap and musical theater. He loves his teachers and has learned so much in the couple months that he's been attending. Great school and great owners.” M.G. 2014

“We have been at this school many years and love it! Quality dance training!” A.E. 2014

“Fabulous classes, vision and organization. Wonderful studio!” D.B. 2014

“We feel so blessed to have found Reflections School of Dance! Our five year old daughter is thrilled for class each week and always leaves with a huge smile on her face. Miss Debbie and Miss Leah (the two teachers we've had so far) are fantastic and are also great role models for our little lady.” A.B.

“Reflections School of Dance has been wonderful for my daughter, who started intro to dance at age 2 1/2 and is now in Creative dance. Miss Laurie and Miss Debbie are wonderful and she looks forward to class every week.”
S.M. 2013

“My daughter takes ballet classes here, starting when she was 2 1/2 years old.  The teacher for that class, Miss Laurie, is amazing.  My daughter has so much fun and looks forward to ballet every single week.  She has a great time dancing and playing with all of her friends, and we will continue to sign up for classes here.  She can't wait for classes to start in the fall!”  S.M. 2013

“I take hip-hop here and the teacher is super nice and well-coordinated. They have ballet, tap, hip-hop and jazz from 3 years of age to adults. They also have a very good price for this type of business. You can also audition to be on a team, and perform about once a month. Or you can just take a class and they have a rectal once a year, where you buy your outfit from them and put makeup on and do your recital in front of friends and family.” T.F. 2010

“I have been to lots of dance studios but Reflections is the best. Miss Debbie is the best dance teacher I have ever had. She makes dance class fun to go to and teaches you at an appropriate level for you. She chooses great Christian music, her costumes are awesome, and she thinks of lots of creative dances. This is my fifth year at Reflections School of Dance, and I love it!” K. (age 11), Marysville

“This summer (2006) I attended my first dance camp at Reflections School of Dance. My mom and I could not believe how much I learned in just the first day! Three days later at a public performance my mom was amazed even more. Six hours a day at camp may sound long and boring, but there is no way that could be true. It is a long time to dance but it is hours are worth all the new things you learn. I’ve found that I really enjoy dancing more than I have before and I can do it more confidently in front of others because of this camp. During camp we also play games and eat snacks to keep us from getting tired. And when it is time to go to bed, I fall right to sleep. Overall dance camp is the best dancing experience I have ever had.” J. C., age 12, Mill Creek

"Thank you so much for a wonderful first year. You made it so enjoyable for us. You are a wonderful roll model for our girls. (daughter) so looks up to you in ways I'm sure you don't know. The way you speak not only to them but in your actions as well. You were a blessing to us and we are thankful to God that our paths connected. The recital was awesome. You and Len did a terrific job! Thanks for your commitment to the girls and their parents. I know this probably doesn’t even begin to express our heartfelt thanks, but please know we couldn't be happier and feel more blessed by the job you are doing. We look forward to starting up in the fall.
I'm still a little keyed up and can't go to sleep yet so thought I would tell you what a great job you did! I know I couldn't see them dance, but the kids seemed so happy and the families afterward said such wonderful things about it. My family was thrilled and was very impressed. The recital was wonderful, beautiful, entertaining, etc... and the girls just loved it. I love being a part of your dance company and I know God doesn't want us to be to proud or boastful so I will boast on your behalf. You two are awesome, and every year you give a terrific, super, exciting show. I am just glad we get to be a part of it! Thanks for being such wonderful role models for our girls and letting them do what they truly love! We look forward to next fall!”
C. L. (Dance parent), Everett (after 6/06 Recital)

"I think you and Len are wonderful people and are giving our family a great gift teaching (daughter) to dance in a good Christian, caring environment. You and Len are such great people to know. Len has been a shining face to greet all students and parents! (daughter) is glad to be back in class with you and we are looking forward to the year ahead!" S. D. (parent), Marysville

"I feel I never get a chance to thank you for all you do for (daughter)! She absolutely loves you and your class. You have made such a wonderful impact on her and have shown her ways in which God has blessed her with a love and talent for dance. Thank you for always keeping the Lord in her life through dance and for being such an amazing teacher. She is truly blessed to have found you as her instructor. I wish you all the best! I can't wait for the show!! :-)" T. B. (parent)

"The dance recital was amazing and I was just going to list a few of the reasons why we love your dance studio and recital
1. We loved the length of the recital, not too long. This was (daughter) first but we have been to many of her cousins and friends. The last one we went to was 5 hours.
2. Your role modeling of the family closeness. Your husband always as your right hand man, your son in the show…
3. The music was wonderful!!! I felt sick to my stomach at (6 yr. old daughter) gymnastic recital when one the routines preformed to ACDC.
4. The purity not only of the music but also of the dances themselves. My friend who was there said she wouldn't let her daughter do jazz at their dance studio because of too many sexual moves done when they preformed. But she was also impressed by your purity and professionalism of the jazz dances.
5. Your pick of replacement teacher, when she was dancing my whole family said she just radiated joy.
6. You are one of the few people that I have ever seen put God first in there business. It is an excellent role model for (daughter) and an inspiration to me.
7. I could go on and on but I type to slow so let me end with this. My family, Godparents, my 2 best friends and others all said it was the most refreshing and enjoyable show we have ever been to!!!
We will see you in the fall.
" V.R. (parent)

"After the recital on Saturday, we were talking about how every year the recitals just seem to get better and better. It was really wonderful this year. What a creative way to pull all those kids together on a stage. Thanks for your help with this and the energy you put toward our kids. (daughter) especially loves her time spent with you in your studio." J.D.

"(daughter) is so excited about class and especially the new outfits:) We can really see a difference in the way she carries herself since she has been in your class - A real gracefulness in her movements. It's so neat that you share God's love with the kids at the same time. Thanks for all you do." T. A. (Dance Dad)

"Wanted to say that you run an awesome dance school and how great it is for our girls to have such a beautiful, graceful and Godly role model every week as they go to their dance classes. The recital was beautiful." T. S.

"I just wanted to commend you for a wonderful performance night! Everything looked well organized - it just clicked right along. Believe me, after sitting through a 4 1/2 hour dance program one year I could truly appreciate this one! And it was so refreshing to hear good, clean music with dance moves to match.
Thank you for all your hard work - and pregnant, no less!
" J.S.

"My Hat is off to You and Your Staff! I am (student) classroom teacher and was invited to see her dance performance on Saturday afternoon. I was memorized by the amount of work, gorgeous costumes and pizazz that all of your staff and students displayed. The music was most inspirational for me. I know you must work very hard at what you do and it sure shows! Thank you for giving this audience member an afternoon to remember!" M. W.

“I just love what you are doing and standing for with both your school and company. My heart was so touched watching your recital video and found myself in tears by the end. It is so great to see what you are doing to impact people thru your faith with the gift of dance.”
-J. from 6th Day Dance Company

"I wanted to let you know how meaningful your work has been. As you know I had concerns about my daughter, Rachel, taking up dance. She was already eleven and did not have the thin, long legged body attributed to dancers. I was afraid that the experience would leave her self-conscious and dissatisfied with her body. I could not have been more wrong. Rachel loves your classes and is eagerly awaiting next year so she can reenroll in hip-hop and take on a new challenge with another form of dance. You have consistently given Rachel the message that she is a child of God's and loved for who she is. You have built on her strengths, letting her know that her gracefulness and ability to learn quickly are assets she brings to dance. In response she has blossomed. She feels like a contributing, valuable member of Reflections School of Dance. The past year with you has been joyful. I am grateful that she has the opportunity to be with you, beyond learning how to dance."
-Kathy Burgoyne PhD, Director, Comprehensive Health Education Foundation