Shelbie Knowles


For 2018-19 school year Miss Shelbie will be teaching:

  • Friday 3:30pm Cheer 2
  • Friday 4:30pm Tap 1
  • Friday 5:30pm Tap 2&3
  • Friday 6:30pm Cheer 1



Hi my name is Shelbie Knowles. I have always been passionate about dance and now as an instructor I love such an exciting opportunity for me to instill this passion of dance to others.

I was born and raised in Lynnwood, WA and I love to call it my home. I am a fun, energetic, and positive young lady, and I have always enjoyed working with kids both in my church community or with my lively cousins.

I started dancing in the first grade, taking a simple ballet class at the rec center in Lynnwood. I grew up always wanting to be a ballerina. The next year, I started taking classes full year at Barclay Shelton Dance Centre in Edmonds, WA. I started with a ballet/tap combo class and fell in love with tap dancing. I took tap dance classes for 8 years and started Jazz classes for 6 years. My tap teacher had been in the family, since my mother and aunt took tap classes from my teacher years before. One of my most memorable moments, was going to a Hollywood Dance Experience convention in Seattle, and being able to compete and earn a Gold ribbon for our tap routine.  

When I got into high school, I started cheerleading and became very involved with cheerleading throughout my high school years and ended up being captain during my senior year. I did tap dance in both of the musical productions put on by Lynnwood High School, "Annie Get Your Gun" and "Shrek the Musical". 

I look forward to what God has in store for me and these classes this new year.