Savannah Fabroa


For 2017-18 school year Miss Savannah will be teaching:

    • Wednesday 4-5pm Kids Hip Hop 1&2
    • Wednesday 5-6pm Jazz / Hip Hop 3
    • Wednesday 6-7pm Ballet 3 Choreo
    • Wednesday 7-8pm Lyrical 3
    • Wednesday 8-9pm Beginner Ballet



Miss Savannah

Savannah's history with dance starts long before she was born. Her aunt convinced her dad to take tap and eventually teach at Barclay Shelton Dance Center. Her parents then met in her dads tap class. She grew up dancing with her parents, cousins, aunt and uncle, and for a short time her brother. Her dance training landed her a performance role at Disney World.

She is very grateful for this opportunity and looks forward to sharing her love and passion for dance.