Olivia Edwards


For 2018-19 school year Miss Olivia will be teaching:

  • Wednesday 4pm Creative Dance
  • Wednesday 4:30pm Lyrical 1&2
  • Wednesday 5:30pm Pre Dance
  • Wednesday 6:30pm Creative Dance
  • Thursday 3:30pm Creative Dance
  • Thursday 4pm Ballet 2
  • Saturday 9:30am Creative Dance
  • Saturday 10am Pre Dance
  • Saturday 11am Ballet 1&2
  • Saturday 12pm Jazz / Hip Hop 1&2
  • Saturday 1pm Lyrical / Modern




Olivia Edwards started attending dance classes at Reflections School of Dance in 2002 at the age of 3; she continued dancing with the studio up until high school graduation in 2016. From 2016-2017, she was a part of Reflection School of Dance’s Re-Merge Dance Project. At age 15 she started working for the Shoreline Parks Department, instructing their children's martial arts program, where her passion for teaching first started.

She has been able to experience how dance can be a form of worship through dance & choreography. She looks forward to what God has in store for her as a teacher at Reflections School of Dance.

Olivia is thankful for all that Reflections School of Dance has taught her, both with technique training, and how we dance to give God glory and praise.