Kristin Flores


For 2017-18 school year Miss Kristin will be teaching:

  • Wednesday 930 am Intro to Dance
  • Wednesday 10 am Pre-Dance
  • Wednesday 11 am Tap/Jazz Jr. Combo
  • Wednesday 12 am Adult Ballet
  • Thursday 930 am Creative Dance
  • Thursday 10 am Pre-Dance
  • Thursday 11 am Toddler Tumble
  • Thursday 1130 am Kids Jazz/ Hip-Hop
  • Thursday 1130 am Adult Jazz


Kristin started dancing at age 5.  She has taken many forms including jazz, tap, ballet, modern, and gymnastics.  She was also a member of her middle school and high school dance teams.  In 2005, she made a return to dance here at Reflections.  Since that time, she has been a dancer, company member, dance parent and teacher.  One of the most important things she has learned here is that dance can be used to glorify, celebrate and teach about God.  She is very excited to return to teaching dance.  

Teaching has always been an important part of her life.  After college, she spent 9 years teaching math and science at the high school level.  Since then, she has had the honor and privilege of teaching her children on an every day basis and helping in their classrooms.  She also loves spending time with her family, reading, and watching sports--especially when her kids are playing.