Kathryn Crowe


For 2018-19 school year Miss Kathryn will be teaching:

  • Monday 3:30pm Intro to Dance
  • Monday 4pm Pre Dance
  • Monday 5pm Ballet 1
  • Monday 6pm Pre Dance



My name is Miss Kathryn, and I love to be on the move and I am always looking for an adventure. I love outdoor recreation, spending time with my family and friends, traveling, participating in church activities, and of course, I love to Dance! 

I started Ballet when I was three years old, and the days I had ballet class were the days I looked forward to the most. All throughout my elementary school years I continued to take Ballet lessons with two goals in mind. One, to one day dance on pointe, and two, to one day teach ballet. Ballet always brought me so much joy and so why wouldn’t I want to teach ballet when I grew up to see so many other kids happy and dancing. 

When I moved to Seattle I was blessed to find Reflections School of Dance to continue Ballet and fulfill my goal of dancing on pointe. I also learned at my time at Reflections that dance not only brought joy to myself but could bring joy to others and most importantly to my God. 

After making the very difficult decision to stop Ballet in order to pursue a degree in physical education at Grand Canyon University, I am so delighted to be back to combine my love for Ballet and the skills I learned in University to teach at Reflections School of Dance! My second goal that I set back in elementary school is now being fulfilled and I couldn’t be happier!