Emily Hall

Miss Emily

For 2016-17 school year Miss Emily will be teaching:

  • Tues 8pm Highland Dancing

Emily Hall has been a competitive Scottish Highland dancer for 10 years, and has traveled across the U.S for numerous dance events. Some of these include the Northwest Regionals, the National Highland Dance Championships, World of Highland Dance Conferences, and smaller workshops with well-experienced instructors from all around the world.  She has qualified for Nationals 3 times, and has won her category in several Highland Games and smaller local indoor competitions. Aside from competing, she and her dance group have participated in shows around the Seattle area, such as Folklife, Global Dance Party in 2010, and then later Global Party in 2015.  Throughout her dance career, she’s been involved with other forms of dance, including Irish, Ballet, Modern, and a few brief courses in Tap and Hip-Hop.  Her heart has always remained with Highland Dance, and she’s thrilled about the opportunity that the Lord has given her to teach at Reflections and pass down her love and knowledge of Highland Dance.