Debbie Wiens

Artistic Director and Principal Dance Instructor - Founder and Owner of Reflections School of Dance Inc.

Miss Debbie

For 2016-17 school year Miss Debbie will be teaching:
  • Mon. 9:30 am Creative Dance
  • Mon 3:30 pm Jump & Turns 3+
  • Mon 4:30 pm Broadway Jazz
  • Tues 4:30 pm Jazz 4&5
  • Tues Re-Merge Dance Project
  • Wed 4:30pm Ballet 1
  • Thurs 4 pm Pre-Dance
  • Thurs 5 pm Ballet 2
  • Fri 9:30 am Toddler Tumble
  • Fri 10 am Pre-Dance
  • Fri 11 am Kids Acro
  • Fri 12pm Dance Fitness
  • Fri 4 pm Acro 1
  • Fri 5 pm Acro 2&3

Trained as a gymnast, Debbie found herself dancing with the Contemporary Dance Company of Ball State University in her college days. She spent the next 10 years training and performing with the Cambridge Theatre Dance School and training and touring from Cambridge Academy of Performing Arts which enabled numerous tours through Europe, Southeast Asia, Central America, The United States and Canada. Aside from dance performance her work experience included choreography for youth and children’s musical theater, jazz choir, church groups, television, touring artists in the genres of rock, pop and hip hop, and certification for aerobic dance instruction and choreography.

In 1997, Debbie founded her own dance training center for youth and adults (Reflections School of Dance). Over 20 years of Reflections School of Dance, she has continued to refine her skills in business and public relations while constantly updating choreographic experience by attending workshops and technique classes. Outside of Reflections School of Dance she might be spotted at Harbour Dance Center, Word in Motion Urban Dance Festival, Project Dance, Dance Teacher Web, Dance Studio Life Conferences or Dance Ad Deum Summer Intensive to name a few. Debbie received her Bachelor of Practical Ministry from the Wagner Leadership Institute. She is now a published author of 2 dance related books, an ordained minister through the Elijah Commission and the founding director of the Emerge Dance Company.

The story of how Reflections School of Dance began.