April Jane Hoag

April Jane

For 2017-18 school year Miss April Jane will be teaching:

    • Tuesday 5 pm Ballet 2
    • Wednesday 4 pm Kids Hip-Hop 1&2
    • Wednesday 5 pm Jazz/ Hip-Hop 3
    • Wednesday 6 pm Ballet 3 Choreo
    • Wednesday 7 pm Lyrical 3
    • Wednesday 8 pm Beginner Ballet
    • Thursday 4 pm Ballet 1
    • Thursday 5 pm Ballet 2
    • Thursday 6 pm Ballet 4
    • Thursday 730 pm Ballet 5



April Jane "AJ"

April Jane (or AJ) started dancing in 2001 at Relfections' sister studio, Dancing For Joy in Bellingham, WA. She began with Jazz, but soon enjoyed Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Modern, and Ballet classes as well.

In 2005, April Jane added more classes to her schedule at Wendy Setter's The Dance Studio, now Britt Setter's The Dance Studio. She continued to take classes in a variety of styles but changed her focus to Ballet.

After a trip to Tateyama, Japan in 2007 for a cultural dance exchange, April Jane elected to have surgery on her left ankle, in an attempt to relieve chornic pain there. Unfortunately, the recovery did not go as well as hoped and April Jane was forced to take a break from dance.

This break was the opportunity she needed to persue a love of theater and choral music. Though April Jane restarted ballet classes again in 2009 (this time in Ferndale, WA at Ballet Arts Northwest), most of her time was spent on theater.

After graduating from Bellingham High School in 2010, she went on to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Actor Training Program and a Minor in Modern Dance from the University of Utah. April Jane graduated in 2014 with a 3.75 GPA

Upon graduating, April Jane returned to Bellingham to spend time with her family. She was hired by Dancing For Joy in 2015 where she still teaches.

In her free time, April Jane also loves Fusion Social Danicng and Bikram Yoga.