Marco Carrabba


For 2018-19 school year Mr. Marco will be teaching:

  • Tuesday 5pm Ballet 3
  • Tuesday 6pm Ballet 4
  • Tuesday 7:30pm Ballet 5
  • Thursday 5pm Ballet 3
  • Thursday 6pm Ballet 4
  • Thursday 7:30pm Ballet 5


Mr. Marco has been teaching an annual Ballet Master class for us every February since about 2009 but now we have the distinguished priviledge having him on our faculty teaching every week.

“ It is truly a privilege to be taught by Marco” 

Marco has achieved an extraordinary level of inspiration and creativity due to his many styles of dance training and
international exposure in the art of dance and theater. His experience has shaped his unique style of dance techniques 
and innovative choreography. His multitude of talent and achievements have allowed him the resume’ that sets him apart
from the rest. His excellence shows in the many students he has taught and continues to teach through his classes, and choreography.

Teaching Philosophy 

My career achievements have brought me to a level of extraordinary inspiration and creativity due to the many styles of ballet training and international performance exposure alongside notable world-renowned dancers, artistic directors and choreographers from the 20th century with whom, I have received the privilege of direct influence thathas shaped my unique teaching ethic and choreography style as a “specialist in the art of ballet“.

My teaching philosophy not only teaches the art of dance but opens hearts and minds and brings joy to life through proper training and participation in the overall creative process.

I see talent in all students; my training expertise encourages students to find their personal best through
teaching focused on building confidence and proper technique that considers the dancers level and encourages
learning through positive reinforcement. Another important and major focus area is building endurance and
cardiovascular conditioning throughout the progression of class training, which is critical for necessary stamina
to perform on stage at the student’s highest level with ease, as well as for overall health. Endurance partnered
with proper muscle warm-up and strength building gives the student the facility to excel at their optimum level,
which in turn they will be personally rewarded with achievement through their dedication to learning.

My responsibility as a teacher includes; personal attention to each student’s ability and level of training which is
key to their improvement, which also ensures excelling to the next level. My focus on the student’s progress
builds discipline and confidence that lasts a lifetime.

My choreography method incorporates all levels of dancers which results in inspired students and enrichment
for the advanced dancers as the art is passed along through generations. I personally cast roles for developing
dancers and performers that fit their personality and ability, as well as challenge their talent so they can measure 
their own personal improvement.

Key philosophies;

Use of the arts disciplines to develop life skills i.e.: creative and critical thinking
Strive to engage opportunities for professional development
Successfully develop the skills necessary to acquire employment in dance or theater arts
Successfully develop the physical skills students need to transfer to other educational and 
sports opportunities
My success depends on how effectively I meet the needs of my students – I place a high value on 
my students by keeping an open mind, listening to them
I believe we can best accomplish our mission when not only the process of student learning is a major 
focus but also personal learning by the teacher is ongoing
My mission and vision are driven by the students through expectations which form a partnership of
refinement of goals and direction that support your mission.

“ I take pride when I can see the technical achievement and commitment shine through the individual’s 
personality and character, and know we are on the road to creating a true dancer who will touch lives
and imprint the “ art of dance “ on future generations. “
- Marco Carrabba

Summary of training and special invitations

Ballet, Modern, Choreography

Locally by dance legend Dorothy Fisher - Ballet technique
Joffrey School – Traditional American technique – trained by Robert Joffrey
North Carolina School of the Arts – trained by teachers of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo – French, Italian technique
New York’s School of American Ballet – trained by the great Stanley Williams – Bournonville technique
and Balanchine technique – creator of 20th century neo classical style
Stuttgart Ballet – trained by teachers from the Royal Ballet and East Germany - Russian ballet technique
Directed by the famous Glen Tetley
Hamburg Ballet – trained by choreographer John Neumeier – Modern Ballet techinique
Dutch National’ Ballet – trained by choreographers Rudi van Dantzig, Hans van Manen, Toer van Schayk
Classical and Contemporary Ballet technique
Pacific Northwest Ballet – Neo Classic Style Balanchine technique
San Francisco Ballet – Classical and Contemporary Ballet technique under the direction of 
Michael Smuin and Ballets by Lou Christensen – student of Balanchine 
Boston Ballet - Classical and Contemporary Ballet

Musical Theater, Performing Arts

Kentucky Opera – performed My Fair Lady
Minnesota Opera – performed Carousel
5th Avenue Theatre Seattle – performed Brigadoon, West Side Story, and Kismet
San Francisco Ballet’s production of “ Jinx “ performance filmed by KQED television –
choreographed by Lew Christensen

Special invitations:

School of American Ballet – Graduation Performance with Ballerina Leslie Brown “ Turning Point “
Stuttgart Ballet – performed for and was presented to Queen Elizabeth per her request
Dutch National Ballet – trained and toured with the famous Rudolph Nureyev
Dutch National Ballet – performed and partnered with Ballerina Alexandra Radius, 
Nureyev’s most requested ballet partner
Hamburg Opera House – inspired by a special meeting during rehearsal with Luciano Pavarotti
San Francisco Ballet – partnered and performed with Ballerina Joanna Berman, and Evelyn Cisneros
Pacific Northwest Ballet – performed westcoast tour with Mikhail Baryshnikov